The best thing today… Our Garden of Gratitude #2

Photo by Saumya Agrawal

Last Friday I decided to sow a seed of question every week to appreciate little things in life. Your answers would be the flowers.  To water the seed, all you have to do is type. Type in the comments section or make a post on your blog, it’s all your wish.

If you make a separate post, be sure to create a pingback or drop your post link in the comments section.

Hoping that my answers act as fertilisers to encourage you.

Seed of the week

What’s the best thing that happened today so far?

My answer

I am learning things. I’m thankful that I’m getting the push to work hard. Even though it frustrates me sometimes that I am not able to succeed after multiple attempts, but I’m glad that the people around me, and more importantly, my inner voice, don’t let me give up.

What happened with you today?

Remember, there is no time limit to answer. The comments section will always be open.

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5 thoughts on “The best thing today… Our Garden of Gratitude #2

    1. I so get you Barb! I’m waiting for the day when I could say the same. It’s not that I hate exercising, it’s just that I’m a lot lazy to take out time for it. Congratulations on the achievement! 🙂

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