Photo by 兆航 樊 on Unsplash

Its not only
The rain
Or the snow
That falls
From the sky.
I have read
About fishes and leeches
Falling from the sky!
The bizarre stories
Of magic realism
Make me wonder
If it’s the things
That fall down
Or is it the earth
That rises up
To reach out to them.
What sorcery is this?
What you see
Is not there,
What you don’t see
Is there-
I guess
That’s the magic of reality
Or is it the reality of magic?

For SoCS May 4/19

8 thoughts on “Sorcery

      1. That’s a big reason why I don’t re-read my stuff. I write it the way I see and feel it at that moment. And then I read it and it just either doesn’t flow, or makes little sense. But then I get a positive comment on it, and I know that the same thing speaks differently to different people at different times. Such is art.

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