Who is she? (IV)

Part I of this poem was written in early 2016. After three months, I found out that the story line could be extended and hence came Part II and III in mid 2016. However, I knew that there was more to it but was unaware of what it was until 2018. While working on a college assignment that gave me the freedom to be creative, I finally found the last and final part of this poem.


You were right,

I was not the flower,

I was the plant.

No, I AM the plant.

I was wrong

When I spent my time

Thinking that it was all my fault.

I cursed myself

For being a withered flower.

I pitied myself

For things that were

Not in my hands.

But now I know that

It was bound to happen.

A part of me

Had to die

To realise

What lies within me.

I have to let go

That what has already left.

I have to prepare

To nurture the fruit

That is yet to come.

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11 thoughts on “Who is she? (IV)

    1. Yes, they are stronger together. Realised it when I recited them to my professor for the assignment. She was really happy to see how I had made parallels between human life and nature.

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