The last lecture…Life kabhi set nahi hoti

It’s difficult, very difficult to get back. A(lmost?) year ago, I had asked a professor who had viewed this blog, how I should go about blogging. He asked me to continue with whatever I was doing to see if I really wanted it. That day and today. So much has changed.

Over the past six months, every now and then I’ve typed “r” on the URL bar and pressed enter to tell myself that I’ll come back here. Sometimes I also roamed around to read a random post or take a look at the stats page. For the past few days, the frequency of my visits increased, maybe to comfort myself that Randomness Inked still existed.

Where was I? Here only, yet too far.
Did I get busy? Yes and no.
Did I write in the period of my absence? No, not exactly. I tried to write poetry but found void when I sought emotions for inspiration. Felt like there was nothing left to write. When I tried to write prose, words fell short. I don’t know why.


What made me write today? I attended the last lecture of my student life today. (I want to continue my studies further, but life happens. You need to get a job. So I’ll settle for distance learning courses. Hence, the last lecture). Even though I’m happy that I’m going to leave the place soon, I just don’t feel like growing up. I was telling my classmate today how I wished that graduation took ten years instead of three and post graduation took at least five and not two.
Does this make sense to you? The professor who took the last lecture told us the truth and I’m thankful to him that he gave us the moral lecture (no pun intended). Life kabhi set nahi hoti (Life is never settled). We always seek more.

When I think of the future of this blog, I am not able to visualise what shape is this blog going to take. The reason is this- I don’t know when you guys will be reading me again.

Also, a very happy Holi to all 🙂

10 thoughts on “The last lecture…Life kabhi set nahi hoti

    1. Hey! Yeah, I saw your posts a while ago. And I was surprised to see the earlier ones vanished. Then I took a tour og your blog. Everything’s changed. No?

      I’ve been good. Feeling a bit overwhelmed. A new chapter of my life awaits me. What’s up with you?


  1. I don’t remember my last lecture, but I do remember the feeling of the last “school” day. We all gathered to have lunch together one last time. It was a beautiful time for me. I’m glad you enjoyed your time, too. It just goes downhill from there. Just kidding, but also not. I often wish I could go back to those times.
    Welcome back?

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    1. Yes, school was beautiful for me too. I never knew that I’d miss it so much. Can’t really say if things go down or up the hill 😝😝 Just hoping for the best to happen.

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