Is it the end?

If all’s not well, it’s not the end.
Picture abhi baki hai mere dost (The movie isn’t over yet).
I used to take these as stupid sayings and Bollywood dialogues.
But then with time, I realised that it’s all about our choices.
I can crib that my life is over and this is the end of the world. Or I can think that it’s not over yet and I can at least try to make things better.
But no everyone has the dedication towards it.
I was glad I saw a genuine devotion in one such person recently who was ready to do her best to make things work out. For herself and for others too. She wanted it to work out for herself and for her team. She made me proud.

In response to Fandango’s Feb Expressions Feb 1, SoCS Feb 1/2020, Your Daily Word Prompt

6 thoughts on “Is it the end?

  1. Makes me grateful life is not a movie cos things are not well so this cannot be the end. I still have hope, I still have verbal venom and fire in the belly…
    I’m just getting started 🙂

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      1. Hatemongers, Justin Bieber fans, crocs, cockroaches, the zombie uprising…I’m no doomsday prepper but I can wing it if need be when the evil forces rise 🙂

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