Customising my Homepage

Hello readers!

Since the block editor was introduced, I have enjoyed using it. It has allowed me to make my blog more visually appealing. Have you shifted to using to new editor? Or do you feel that the classic one is still more comfortable for you?

Also, last year I was changing my theme regularly (as none seemed to have all the features I wanted) but I have finally decided to stick with Canard theme as it gives me the maximum number of features I want. And now with the block editor, I’ve been able to customise things a lil better on my posts and pages.

When I started using the block editor, I found the option of adding buttons and I put them use on my homepage to make it more comprehensive. However, I was not satisfied with it visually. And then, I took an indefinite break from blogging. Now, that I am back (fingers crossed!), it was obvious that I was going to work on my homepage. So I ended up finding that WordPress has added new types of blocks and to my surprise, they added what I was waiting for!

I am writing this post to request you to visit my homepage and let me know how do you find it? I have tried to focus on making all the elements of this blog- new posts, trending posts, my favs, your favs, categories, weekly events and other things- easily accessible to you.

Feel free to browse through the menus on the top, below the header and in the footer, through the widgets on sidebar and footer.

What is it that you liked the most on the homepage?

What are the things that can be improved?

Are you viewing it on your phone or tab or laptop/desktop?

If you have any other suggestions or requests or feedback, I’d be glad to read from you.


Happy reading!

15 thoughts on “Customising my Homepage

  1. i liked the different categories spread out with their latest posts. That is such a NICE feature. I loved the read a random article spot and thought I’d like that on my own page. Maybe it is time for me to rethink the blog.

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    1. Thanks suze! I ‘m glad you liked the random post feature. Yes, should work on it. Working on the layout keeps me busy a lot of times and I discover so many things that I didn’t know exist.


  2. i realized i have a question. does the canard template allow reorganization of all blog posts into categories? I mean, do you have to open each and every post to add new keywords or categories to them to get them to move? did that make any sense?

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    1. Hi! Yes all of it made sense.
      No Canard does not give the option. I chose Canard because it gave me the option of having three menus (header, main menu and footer), it shows my categories with hashtags (this is something that’s different), and the way my posts are displayed on my latest posts page (
      The categories on the right hand side are widgets. They can be used in any theme. It’s just that I figured out how I can use ‘Top posts and pages’ as my trending posts and reader favs. These are updated automatically depending on my stats.
      The categories on the left hand side are the work of block editor features. The block called ‘Blog posts’ allowed me to add the latest posts and my favs. Latest posts get there automatically. Author’s picks I had to choose manually.


  3. I noticed that change the other day. I was very pleased because I have the tendency to read the latest posts written by any blogger. Your layout makes that easy. Otherwise, I would have to stumble through all the categories to find mostly posts I already read.

    But that’s a new feature of your layout. It has nothing to do with the new block editor. Right?

    I write/ read on a laptop and use the classic editor. I do plan on getting into the new editor next year.

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    1. Oh yes! I have noticed many blogs don’t have an option to let us know which are the latest posts. It annoys me like hell!

      Nope! That’s not the feature of the layout. It’s all block editor and making use of widgets. The categories on the left have been made with the help of ‘Blog posts’ block element. I played with the layout options that are available. Currently, all three look a lot similar and thus monotonous (to me at least). There are other options for display but there were glitches in the display. I hope WP sorts them out so that I can make it look better. (Do you know how do we put them a query? Do they reply?)
      The categories on the right (some of these have been there for over a year) are widgets. Playing with ‘top posts and pages’ and posts I like, posts I comment.
      I just saw what these widgets were doing and gave them a title accordingly.

      Block editor next year as in 2020? it’s just 10 days away 😛

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      1. I thought the blocks only work for posts. You’re telling me they work for pages, too? That just might push me to experiment with it. Or is it through the widget menu that you start with all of that? I apologize for all the silly questions lately.

        Whenever I had some questions, I would post it on WP forum. The responses were rather prompt and helpful. Reaching out via chat is hit or miss I think.

        Hahaha, yea, I’ve been pushing experimenting with the block editor for a while. A couple of months ago, I actually started and drafted 2 posts. But they’re LOOOOONG, so I wanted to edit them. But I have no time, so…

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      2. Yes, blocks work on pages too. The widgets are just on the right hand side and in the footer.

        I think I should check out the forum.

        You should try the new editor. It’s awesome. May take a lil time to get used to it but it’d definitely worth it.

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