Introspection-825x510Sitting by her window side,
She stared into the infinity.
The tranquility of her face
Contrasted the silent storm
Inside her.
The darkness of the night
Didn’t scare her,
Rather it added to the mystery,
She was trying to solve.
Her dark brown eyes were calm
Yet yearning for something,
Something she couldn’t explain
Or even understand.

She had lost the count
Of the sleepless nights she had spent.
She wished to stay alone.
People and their faces irked her.
Intolerable and noisy they were.
Peace was all she wanted,
Peace of mind,
To understand her thoughts.

Only one question hovered her mind,
The answer had to come from within.
She searched every thought of hers
To find the answer but in vain.
She believed
The answer would solve everything.

A gentle breeze threw the strands
Of her long black hair on her face.
Without being conscious,
She neatly tucked them
Behind her ear
And closed her eyelids
In introspection.

All she could see was how
She had wasted her life.
Somewhere deep inside,
She was still yearning
For the dream
She had left behind.
She was not happy
When she had to change paths.
She cried herself to sleep each night.
But with time,
She learnt to compromise with life.
“After all,” they say,
“Life is all about compromises.”

Now again, the time was near,
When she would be at crossroads.
Years back, she had the same feelings,
But this time,
She didn’t wish
To make a compromise with life.

She was not sure about the decision
She had taken.
This doubt scared her.
Each time she pondered upon her decision,
she would ask herself,
“Will I be happy in the future?”

Life was such,
She had forgotten
To stay happy in the present.

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