She felt numb,
There was a strange void.
She was an actor
Searching for a missing article.
It could not be found anywhere.
No one could help her,
Words fell short to give a description.
She herself didn’t know what it was.
She would recognize it immediately
Was all that she knew.
The article had to be found soon,
The emptiness was chewing her up.

One day she decided to take a break
From playing characters,
To take a walk in the desert.
She was moping
When she heard someone weeping.
The weep was unfamiliar,
Yet it had a spell which captivated her.
She paced her steps faster
To reach the source of the sound.

She saw someone in the shadows.
She reached for the petite being,
The innocent face of the creature
Looked through her eyes
As if to hypnotize her.
She realized the void had dissolved,
The souls had communicated.

Photo from Google Images

8 thoughts on “Void

    1. Was that you for the character in the poem or me? (Wondering whether to give you a philosophical response on the poem or thank you for the appreciation 😛 :D)

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