Reading is important to write – Blogging Insights #32, #34

Do you think that reading is an important prerequisite for writing well? If so, what kind of reading material inspires or affects your writing?
Yes, it is. Ideas are born when we grasp what’s happening around us and what others have to say about it. It comes from observing, listening and reading.

Other blogger’s posts, a news article, a random paragraph in the book I’m reading, anything can inspire me to write.

How often do you visit the WordPress Reader?
I discovered Reader after ages of being a blogger. When I did, I enjoyed using it. I remember back in 2017-18 when I was a full time student, I used to spend all my day reading posts on Reader. I gradually shifted to notifications section by turning on the notifs of my fav bloggers. I do hover over the Reader once in a while even now.

What kind of blog posts are you more likely to read?
The ones that talk about personal experiences. And poems.

What are your reading habits? Feel free to share even if you’re not a blogger.

In response to Dr Tanya’s:
Blogging Insights # 32 – Your Reading Habits
Blogging Insights # 34 – Reading

17 thoughts on “Reading is important to write – Blogging Insights #32, #34

  1. I remember the day when I read EVERY post in my Reader. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible anymore and I find more and more posts slipping through my fingers. I feel bad about it so I try to catch up whenever I can. But that’s not for my writing as much as for community building.

    While I mostly read the types of books/stories I like to write, I sometimes go out of my comfort zone and grab something else just to see if maybe I can incorporate it into my repertoire somehow.

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      1. You can set it so that you get a digest of daily or weekly emails with your favourite bloggers posts.
        I then have email rules separate it out from the dross.


      2. Ok so if you go onto your reader page and click on manage followers, you can searh for the site(s) you want then click on setting and there’s three options on when to get an email from each of your bloggers, but only when they post.

        If you struggle give me a shout.

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      3. Got that! So that sends one mail per blogger or a consolidated one for all the bloggers I select?


  2. I don’t think you can become an effective writer unless you read….you then discover your own writing style and what works for you….mind you I have been useless at reading past 2 months…I need to get back on track!

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    1. Oh! I’ve been reading a lil bit more 😛
      While most of it has been for studying purpose, but I managed to make myself start reading Harry Potter finally. how have you been doing?


      1. I can understand. I’ve also been spending time studying and doing other productive things these days.


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