एक-तरफ़ा- Unrequited

Hello readers!
Last night, my friend Akshay over at अक्स किस्सा हिस्सो का  were talking casually when we decided to write a poem in Hindi. Surprisingly it turned out to be good and so, I decided to share it with you. Continue reading एक-तरफ़ा- Unrequited

Parwaaz- Flight

‘Parwaaz’ (Urdu word for ‘Flight’) is a Film Poem that talks about that endless and unsatiable desire to keep flying without bothering ourselves with the destinations. It talks about aspirations and desires which are beyond our material world, and talks about the magical power of dreams. Most importantly, it talks about your self-love, and your blissful, spiritual journey to find yourself. Continue reading Parwaaz- Flight