Real Neat Blog Award

Cyranny was giving away the Real Neat Blog Award and I took the opportunity to grab it because I liked the questions she asked. Cyranny’s Cove is one of the first blog’s I discovered where bloggers actually engaged with each other. Her posts make me feel happy and I’m you’ll find all the positivity you need if you visit her blog. Continue reading Real Neat Blog Award

5 things to let go and 5 things to hold on

All I had to do was to put hand hands on paper and draw an outline of both my hands. Then in the left hand’s sketch, I had to write five things I have to let go and in the right hand’s sketch, note down the things I want to hold on to. All the 10 things have to be written in the fingers and thumbs. Then you’ve to assign a colour to those things. Continue reading 5 things to let go and 5 things to hold on

A note of kindness for myself

Does that sound selfish? Oh no! It’s self love. Last month, I attended a virtual talk of a friend who is a counsellor. In the talk, we were asked, who is the most important person in your life.

While many of us consider our families as the most important people in our lives, we forget to count ourselves. That’s was the point those counsellors wanted to put forth. Interestingly, my answer was:

ME! SAUMYA! Continue reading A note of kindness for myself