Blogging about pandemic – Blogging Insights #31

How frequently do you post about the pandemic? Please share links to a couple of your “pandemic posts” that you particularly like. If you have not written anything about Coronavirus/COVID-19 (seems unbelievable) what are your reasons for this?

Rarely. The main reason behind is that I’m a journalist. I have reported so much of COVID-19 news at work (thankfully, we’ve reduced it now) that I just want to stay away from the virus as much as I can. I did write a three part piece on completing 50 days of social distancing back in May. They covered different aspects of me being a journalist, blogger, student and human. Check them here:

I had planned to write another one on 100 days, then at 150 days, but it never happened. It’s been 170+ days of social distancing now. I don’t know when and if I’ll write on it.

What kind of “posts about the pandemic” do you like to read? (If you don’t, then please tell us why?)

Intentionally, I don’t. If I happen to click on a post that’s about the pandemic, I’d prefer it’s about how people are coping up. I have a lot to rant already.

How have you and your blog adapted to “the new normal”?

I was quite active here since last December. Not much changed in the initial months of the pandemic. (I recall saying somewhere that I got more active, but now with the stats of the blog in front of me, I see there was not much change. In fact, I didn’t even complete April’s A-Z challenge.)

My activity on WP stopped mid-June and I would visit once in a while.

In mid-August, I decided to come back slowly and steadily.

The content on the blog hasn’t changed much. I just exploring the less-explored categories now.

Have you seen any change in you?

I want to go back to office as I miss seeing alive humans.
I don’t want to go back to office as I have got used to staying at home.

I have healed a lot in the last few months. I have opened up a lot about the closed chapters of my life.

I have initiated conversations around mental health.

I worked on my digital portfolio.

I am getting more active on Linkedin.

I have understood that I don’t need to apologise to for not replying to people on time. (I stopped feeling guilty ages ago.)

How are you coping up with the lockdown blues?

In response to Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights # 31 – Posts about the Pandemic

4 thoughts on “Blogging about pandemic – Blogging Insights #31

  1. In terms of what we write and read pandemic related. I am with you on the not wanting more news or rants. I haven’t written much until now – when I have had enough time for the thinking and healing that you spoke of as well. Thanks for your thoughts and questions on this.

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      1. Trying to enjoy the ride and the new opportunities I have to read, tend my home and garden and spend time with my family. And then give thanks for those new opportunities when I “curse what was lost”

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