Why are comments important for a blog? – Blogging Insights #29

How important is the comments section to your blog?
Even though WordPress stats focus more on views, and many newbie bloggers are craving for like, I feel comments section is the most important part of a blog as it helps in engaging with fellow bloggers.

When I started blogging, I used to drop comments like “nice post”, “beautiful blog”, “this is relatable”, etc. With time, I realised that dropping more detailed comments with a personal touch builds friendships that last a lifetime.

Do you read the comments on other people’s blogs/posts?
Yes, sometimes. Whenever I have time, I do. In fact, I start stalking bloggers who drop personalised comments and then dive into their comments section which takes me to another blogger’s comments section. It’s a never ending loop.

Spam comments and spammers : we all hate them. How do you identify spam comments?
They usually land in my spam box. Once someone notified me that the comments they dropped on my posts didn’t reflect, that’s when I discovered the spam section had over 200 comments. I approved a handful of them when I saw the blogger’s names (I knew them).

The comment authors with weirdo usernames/email ids are spam.

Have you ever “approved” negative comments?
If I’m not wrong, I just got one negative comment in my five years of blogging. And that was a couple of months ago. WP approved it automatically. I didn’t find it in the spam box. I didn’t bother much about it.

Do you drop comments on other blogs? How do you make other bloggers engage on your blog via comments?

In response to Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights # 29 – Your Comments Section

19 thoughts on “Why are comments important for a blog? – Blogging Insights #29

  1. Yes, I value comments over likes.

    I like to comment on other blogs I follow, or read comments.
    When I have that interaction with bloggers who I regularly comment on and vice versa, them back at mine, it makes it even more special.

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    1. Yes, there have been times when my conversations in comments have turned into blog posts. In fact, I like to write blogs about a lot of my daily life conversations


  2. I love the comments section here on WordPress. For starters, the likes are okay and all. But when I get a comment, and it’s detailed, it makes me so so happy that someone was not only able to connect with my writing, but they actually took the time and made the effort to let me know about it! Comments are important to bring about different perspectives, to help you build a bond with your fellow bloggers. Also here on WordPress, the comments are not necessarily related to your algorithm like instagram, so when people do comment you know it’s cos they really liked your post! Or had an opinion about it 😂

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    1. I know right! Comments on WP are genuine. Even if people have a different opinion, their perspectives are worth knowing.
      Yes, I find that the length of the comments defines the how interested people are in the topic you wrote about.


  3. Do you drop comments on other blogs?
    Yup, if I have anything to add to the conversation, am answering a direct question(like here), or feel moved to comment.

    How do you make other bloggers engage on your blog via comments?

    Ask direct questions. That’s really the only way I’ve found to get consistent comments.

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    1. Bingo! You hit the jackpot 😀
      I’ve been trying to find out more ways to make people engage my blog. Let me know if you find any 🙂

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