Not fair, but lovely: I am my version of beautiful

While school is a second home where we grow up in a protected environment, college is considered to be a place where we get the first taste of freedom. Just like all my classmates, the simple child in me was excited to leave school life behind and join college. Getting rid of the school uniform and having the freedom to wear what you want made me excited. Shopping for new clothes, footwear and bags started a month before college started.

A week into college, all those fancy footwear were asked to stay in the shoe rack. My feet found comfort in regular footwear.

Another week passed by and I went shopping again. I did not find that fancy handbag comfortable to hang on my shoulder. I wanted to go back to using the school bag again.

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10 thoughts on “Not fair, but lovely: I am my version of beautiful

  1. Have you been focusing on Medium more in the recent weeks?
    I read the article and I think many girls could relate/find it inspirational.
    I don’t have an account there yet, though, so I could not comment there.

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    1. Hey Goldie. Thankyou for reading. Umm… I’d say I’ve not been able to focus on WP in the last month. The blog I’m posting on Medium are for a ‘pay what you can’ mental health service. I usually do one blog a week for them 🙂

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  2. If I understand, your concluded that fancy clothes aren’t important. Smiling and being comfortable in yourself are. I applaud this! So many people don’t discover (and live) this lesson until they are in middle age and beyond. You write beautifully!

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