Too many prompts – Blogging Insights #28

If you miss the deadline of a prompt, what do you do?

There are too many prompts floating on the web. There was a time when I used to keep up with 7-8 of them in a week. But as life got busier, my participation reduced.

I have some half-written pieces. But I haven’t deleted them. I know I can go back to them later and complete them. Nobody’s stopping me from posting them later. I may not mention which prompt it was written for, but I will post them.

I think prompts shouldn’t have a deadline. Organisers who make weekly round-up should include the new responses to old prompts in the latest round-ups. I don’t think there’s any harm in doing that.

Do you participate in prompt challenges? What do you do if you miss a deadline?
Are you an organiser? Do you like reading responses to old prompts? Do you include them in your latest round-up posts?

In response to Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights # 28 —- Late for a prompt? What do you do?

34 thoughts on “Too many prompts – Blogging Insights #28

  1. The only prompt I ever took part in was the letter writing challenge on community. I really enjoyed it, but then, I like to write letters as opposed to story prompts. I have enough of my own material, prompts convolute my thought processes. Unless it’s a music lyric, that give me a plethora of material to write about.
    My brain is quirky that way.
    I figure if you enjoy them and can squeeze one in once every 7 days or so, the prompt-ers should leave it open longer so more can partake.

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    1. Yeah they should leave it open. How about trying out the hindi tamil n other songs that we’ve been trying for the music may challenge? 🤔🤔

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  2. I haven’t subscribed to prompts during my blogging journey as I know straight away I’ll end up defaulting on it. Don’t mind working to timelines of sorts but those mostly involve work!! 😊

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  3. I host a weekly prompt. And I have participated in numerous prompts. As a host of such a challenge, I understand why there’s a deadline. Hosting a challenge consistently without missing a single post is no easy feat. If the challenges are open-ended, managing them and keeping tabs on all the responses can be difficult. That’s how I feel 😅

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  4. I just copy prompts down and use them at my leisure. I like blogging to be a stress free experience so I don’t join in as much as I used to. I agree that they shouldn’t have a time limit after all, there’s not much at stake beyond personal satisfaction.

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  5. There are SO MANY of them that I only respond to ones I know I have material for (already) or have some personal meaning to me … or because it’s easier than thinking up something new to write. I like prompts that make me think, but trying to clump them all into a post seems more like doing a puzzle tan writing. I love the photo posts, but don’t have photos for everything and I’m not getting out much these days.

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    1. But don’t you think that prompts are supposed to prompt you to write something new? I’m more of a writer, so I don’t mind photo prompts asking us to write 😛


  6. Also, I need to point out that managing one or more prompts is a LOT more work than you might think. I did it for 6-months and it took so much of my time, the rest of my writing and photography paid the price. So I quit.

    I know a lot of people count on them to nudge them in a direction and when there was one, I followed it. But with dozens? By the time they show up in my email, they are already old. Although I can understand wanting deadlines, I think that makes the prompt a lot more work for someone and not everyone has the time to monitor every response.

    Mostly, I’m in favor of letting everyone do what they want when they want to do it.

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    1. Yes, you are right, doing a lot of them can take up a lot of your time.

      I agree, for hosts, it can be difficult to track every response.


  7. Interesting conversation. I participate in prompts to keep writing and to write better. Deadlines keep me in line. You don’t lose if you write something in response to a prompt and not post within a deadline, you still exercised your thoughts and your pen. However, I don’t participate in too many, only a few that I can keep up with. When I lose interest, I don’t. You do you.

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