Music Month May #3 Banjaara

Apinder has come up with Music Month (May) challenge where we share a song and give an insight into why we like it.

My third pick is from Ek Villain. I love all songs of the movie and thus, it was a hard pick. But then here it goes:

Jise Zindagi Dhoondh Rahi Hai
Kya Ye Woh Makaam Mera Hai
Yahaan Chain Se Bas Ruk Jaaun
Kyun Dil Ye Mujhe Kehta Hai
Jazbaat Naye Se Mile Hain
Jaane Kya Asar Ye Huaa Hai
Ik Aas Mili Phir Mujhko
Jo Qubool Kisi Ne Kiya Hai

Haan..Kisi Shaayar Ki Ghazal
Jo De Rooh Ko Sukoon Ke Pal
Koi Mujhko Yun Mila Hai
Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar
Main Mausam Ki Sehar
Yaa Sard Mein Dopahar
Koi Mujhko Yun Mila Hai
Jaise Banjare Ko Ghar

(What my life is searching for
Is this that destination
To rest here peacefully
Why does my heart tell me that
I’ve found new emotions
I don’t know what is the effect
I’ve found new hope again
As someone has accepted me

Yes, like a poet’s poem
Which gives the soul moments of peace
I’ve found someone in a way
Like a nomad has found a home
The dawns of a new season
Or the afternoons of winter
I’ve found someone in a way
Like anomad has found home)

Though the song was about how Villain Guru found home in Aisha, the song talks to me about my search for happiness and how I found it within me.

Also, I have been trying to follow Aisha’s words for quite some time, “Jab tak hum kisi ke humdard nahi bante, tab tak dard humse aur hum dard se juda nahi hote (Unless we share someone else’s pain, We don’t get separated from pain, and pain doesn’t get separated from us).”

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