Moments #59

November 2019
Noida, India

Description for visually impaired: The moon shining in a late evening sky as the orange lights of the shop reflect on the road. A hazy person in the foreground tried to ‘spoil’ the frame.

In response to Cee’s On Hunt for Joy #15 – Change your lighbulbs

8 thoughts on “Moments #59

    1. Are you from Noida? :O
      Coz that was too close. It’s Sec-18’s opp side.. Atta.
      Aaahh yes, thankyou! I have a reader who’s visually impaired. There may be more though. I once saw a blogger use description for visually impaired. That’s when I thought I should add it to all my posts which are primarily photos. 🙂

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      1. Oh ya, Sect-18 also got it. I couldn’t recall it because never used that underpass, it was more like using the Metro.
        I think this kind of setup is even getting created on most of the stretches.

        Not really from Noida but have travelled it a lot.

        Great!! Thats a superb initiative. Keep smiling. 😊

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