Let’s write together

Heyo writers!

I am organising a multi-author story writing activity on Blogger Community. One writer starts and passes the story on to second writer who comes up with their own twists and turns. And it goes on…

We already have five chapters up beautifully penned by five writers from India, UAE, UK, US and Canada! If you want to join the fun and would like to contribute, sign up here.

Even if you think you won’t be able to participate, shower your love on the writers who’re putting their heart and soul to write it.

Read the story here:

Chapter 1: A window to count on
Written by Irutarts

Chapter 2: Zoe’s her name
Written by Danny

Chapter 3: Ray of Hope
Written by Curious

Chapter 4 – For Zoe, for she matters
Written by Ishita Bhatia

Chapter 5: An unexpected turn of events
Written by Shweta Suresh

Chapter 6: Deadly Dilemma
Written by Cyranny

Chapter 7: A Clear Sky
Written by Liyona

Chapter 8: Shattered Confidence
Written by Shaheen

Chapter 9: The Runaway
Written by Krisha

Chapter 10: To share a dream with another
Written by Lola

The next writer has already put their thinking cap on!
I’ll keep on adding the links to the new chapters as soon as they are published.

Keep reading! Keep writing!

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