I ask questions, a lot of them! A to Z 2020

I know I have skipped 4 days in between. I’ll try to make up for them.

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

Q for questions

I am a curious person. Though I feel that many people get bothered with my questions, I just can’t stop asking them.

Once when I apologised to someone for asking a silly question, the person told me it doesn’t matter if I think my questions are silly, I should never hesitate to ask them as no question is a silly question.

This particular incident made me realise that I should not bother about asking questions, instead I should know whom I should ask.

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4 thoughts on “I ask questions, a lot of them! A to Z 2020

  1. No question is a silly question 🙂 We hesitate to ask questions because we feel it may make us look inferior or less in tune. But I’d rather ask that question then spend double the amount of time trying to figure out it because I never asked in the first place.

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    1. Oh yes, that what he said. No ques is a silly ques. It just didn’t come to my mind 😛 But no thanks (I’m not losing my chocs :D)
      Yes, you are right, it takes double the time to find the answer on out own.

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