Moments #54

Social distancing Day 23 (April 6, 2020)
Noida, India

Description for visually impaired: Three yellow flowers growing on grass. The leaves of the plant have the shape of flowers too.

12 thoughts on “Moments #54

    1. Thanks! I’m using the laptop all the day too. But I just take out a few mins to appreciate the nature 🙂


      1. yes, I have a small garden.. 🙂
        Before the sun burns up, I work in the balcony 🙂


  1. Very pretty. I can’t wait til my yellow rose bush starts blooming but we only planted it a week ago. I will def post pictures as it starts to fill in.

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    1. yes would love to see the roses. I guess my pic has weeds (don’t know if they’re destroying the grass). We didn’t plant them. They just started started to grow on their own.
      We used to plants with flowers but then the plant used to die within a season, so we just decided to go with the leafy plants. But yeah, I love flowers 🙂

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      1. Mine was a early mother’s day gift from Spook, dad and stepmonster bought it and planted it for me. I had a rose bush at our old place was frew 7 feet high and 12 feet wide but we had to leave it behind so we’re trying again with a new one.

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