I am happy… A to Z 2020

That’s a candid smile! Featuring hands of God of Good Luck 😀
Birthday 2019
Noida, India

H for Happy

What is happiness?
For me, happiness is a state of mind which make me feel at peace. If I am satisfied, I am feel peaceful.
Oh! Me being satisfied might look as if I am contradicting with me saying yesterday that I focus on growth. If I am satisfied right now, it does not mean that I don’t want things to improve. I am someone who thrives for perfection but when I know that I’ve given my best, I feel satisfied.

Last year, I talked about how I choose happiness. This year, I am going to share what makes me happy.

Making others happy makes me happy. My job is helping me spread smiles. I really wish to join back the NGO on-field (not right now obviousy) I have been associated with but it got difficult to manage time.

Studying literature makes me happy. I am doing it (there are cheat days too :P).

Reading, writing and blogging make me happy. I am stealing time for all of them.

Staying around positive people makes me happy. I am choosing quality people.

Being calm keeps me happy. My mental health is of utmost importance.

Being myself makes me happy. I am not going to change myself for others. I will work on myself but for myself, not others.

Happiness does come from within. 🙂

What is happiness for you? What makes you feel happy?

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13 thoughts on “I am happy… A to Z 2020

  1. I’m happy when I’m with my family , when I feel ok like today, and when I’m writing.
    I’m happy when I reach people through my blog.

    I’m happy when I read a post like yours. Have a good day

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  2. Saumya, you are happy because you are a nice and caring person, that’s evident. Also you know what things genuinely make you happy, then you are in a good place.

    Happiness for me – waking up the next day, another chance to hug and love my family, to tell them I love them and thank them for being in my life. Another chance to do something for someone I may not know. To write another word, sentence!

    All the rest is a bonus!

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