Redesigning my Homepage

I like to work on the visual appearance of my blog a lot.

I am very happy with the theme of my blog (Canard), particularly because it me the option of having four menus- Primary, Secondary (on the top), Footer and Social (beside secondary menu). It has widgets in sidebar and has three columns for footer widgets.

I have constantly worked on the menus and widgets to showcase all kinds of content in separate categories that I post. Last time, I had shifted the new posts from sidebar to the main area, added the category of author’s picks and also featured blog review, about page and ‘Why Randomness Inked’ page to the main area. I had also reworked on the sidebar to highlight some of the content that’s close to my heart.

My inquisitive nature recently made me explore the elements of block editor again and I found some interesting options to make my homepage more user-friendly. This time, I’ve worked out just on the main area. Here are the changes that I made:

  1. The pull quote, “Through my words…” has been put inside Cover block element. This look cool to me. When you scroll down, there’s an effect added to it. Check it out by heading to my homepage.

2. I have also featured posts from different categories to give you a variety of posts to choose from your favourite category. Working out on the layout of this was a lil tricky. When I tried keeping just the titles of the posts, it looked monotonous. When I tried displaying thumbnails of featured images of all the posts, the lil pictures became a hindrance.

I was finally able to settle for this:

I even tried adding “show more posts” option to all the five featured categories but WP didn’t show the option for 2 of the categories. Having it on three looked uneven, so I just decided to do away with the option and it looked fine to me.

I am writing this post to request you to visit my homepage and let me know how do you find it?

Feel free to browse through the menus on the top, below the header and in the footer, through the widgets on sidebar and footer.

What is it that you liked the most on the homepage/the whole blog?
What are the things that can be improved?
Are you viewing it on your phone or tab or laptop/desktop?
If you have any other suggestions or requests or feedback, I’d be glad to read from you.


Happy reading!

16 thoughts on “Redesigning my Homepage

  1. The ‘Pull Quote’ is a really nice touch.

    I often find reading posts through a WordPress app hinders a blogger because as a reader you end up focusing on a number of posts from a number of bloggers…but you never get a chance to visit the actual blogs in detail.

    This is the first time I have properly visited your site (my bad) and it’s like a candy shop, so one is spoilt for choice. I like the way you’ve created the various sections which are like tables one can sit at and make their choice.

    My favourite section is the ‘Authors Picks’ with it’s images supporting the material. How often would you update this section.

    A wonderfully laid up site Saumya.

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    1. Yes, you are right, the app does that. When I start following people, I make sure that I go through their about page at least. If I am using the laptop at that time, I skim through the homepage.

      Ahh, yes I wanted to make it a candy shop so that anyone who visits is tempted to hit the follow button 😉

      About ‘Author’s Picks’, the first time I experimented with it was back in December 2017 when I made a Reading Wrap-up list at year end. After that I made a dedicated page and added it to the main menu, with thoughts of updating it regularly (but that never happened). Then I made two Reading Wrap-up lists (of top and least-read posts) in 2019 end. The list on Homepage was made in December only, but I haven’t updated it yet. It’s really difficult to pick from so many posts.

      Now that you’ve mentioned it, I see that I gave high weightage to Poetry in the section because when the list was made, there were a lot of poetry posts. It’s difficult to choose from nearly 400 posts. I just changed two of them to reduce poetry and changed my first letter to time to a more relevant letter.

      Thanks for going through. Glad you liked it 🙂


  2. You’ve created a beautiful homepage and your blog appears a lot welcoming the readers to read! It’s a fun thing too, to design the blogs!

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