I feel alive… A to Z 2020

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

A for alive

Mujhe chhor do mere haal pe
Zinda hoon yaar, kaafi hai…
(Leave me on my condition
I’m alive man, that’s enough…)

I love the emotions in these words from the song ‘Zinda’ of Lootera (2013). Once I mentioned that I tell people Zinda hoon (I’m alive)” in a sarcastic tone when they ask me how I am doing.

Today, I may have changed my answer to the question but there are still times when I tell people “Zinda hoon” with a big smile and a lot of peace in my heart. Yes, there has been a change in my attitude over the last couple of years. Why? Because I have been choosing my happiness again and again. I am learning to do more and more of it. And that’s what makes me feel alive. For me, “Zinda hoon” has changed its meaning from “I’m alive” to “I feel alive”.

What makes you feel alive?

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17 thoughts on “I feel alive… A to Z 2020

  1. How does this not being sarcastic thing work? 😛

    Alive is always good and if you can mean it when you say it, well, life is good for you. 🙂


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