A letter to my 60-year-old self

Dear 60-year-old Me

Hi! I know that you are rocking your old age. You have lived your life to the fullest and yet there is so much more that you want from life. You want to love yourself a little more. Do it! You grew up into a beautiful person that I always wanted you to be.

Soon, it’s going to time for you to relax. But I know that you aren’t going to relax. You are going to continue following your passion of learning new things. And I know what you are planning about next. Psychology. You will never be tired of it. All those stories that you learned from throughout your life, they make you want to explore. I would say that it’s time that you can handle it. You are so much more stronger than I am.

I am so proud of you for buying the cottage in the mountains of northern India. Look at that giant door? You have built up thousands of worlds behind it. I know I know… You are yet to peep into more than half of those worlds. The to-read list always has to be bigger than the read list. I don’t blame you for it.

Can you please stop being a procrastinator and complete that book? Let the world know this part your story.

Keep staying healthy!

Your 24-year-old self

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In response to 10-day Letter Writing Challenge

14 thoughts on “A letter to my 60-year-old self

    1. Thanks! 🙂 There was so much more that I wanted to say. But I really believe that I should keep my dreams to myself until I fulfil them because nazar lag jaati hai (evil eyes spoil it). :p
      PS: I just believe in this one superstition and nothing else 😀

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      1. Logically, I don’t believe in superstition. But my silly mother instilled these stupid things in my subconscious, like if your nose itches, someone is going to call- I actually find myself thinking it, then reminding myself, hey you don’t believe this garbage.

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      2. I may jokingly say who’s remembering me when I get Hiccups. But I don’t believe in it. No matter how much everybody around me believes in it

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  1. I can imagine you in that beautiful cottage with the large welcoming door. Don’t worry ‘Humari Nazar lagne wali nahee hey’ (no evil eye from me). Its good to dream, it gives us hope and that’s one thing No One can take from you.

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  2. A good one. You got all your dreams sorted. I also wish to publish one book.I don’t care if it sells. I will call myself “the New York Times best selling author” 😛

    And starting to read psychology after 60? Its possible. I have an uncle who studied for law after retiring from his job

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    1. Ahh! I like that.. NYT best seller..
      Oh I have a long list of subjects I want to study. I know I will take time to come to terms with psychology 😛


  3. What an awesome and loving letter! 🙂 Those are really beautiful dreams that you have and I wish you best of luck with making them come true, so that you can feel happy when you will be able to look back at this letter in future. That cottage sounds lovely. 🙂

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    1. Thankyou so much Emilia. I hope your words come true!
      Oh! I haven’t imagined how the cottage would look like, but I can definitely feel it 😀

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