What Happens After A Mental Health Diagnosis?

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Scattered colorful medical pills and pharmaceuticals remedy

Welcome to Wednesday’s Mental Health Safe Space post. Last week, I wrote about when it is time to seek professional help for mental health issues. This week, I want to go over what happens after a diagnosis is made.

First off, while I chose an image of a smattering of pills, this is by no means I promote medication for mental health treatment over other options. It was my experience, to undergo therapy alone for 9 months and shun the idea of meds. My counselor brought it to my attention that my symptoms were not being alleviated by talk therapy alone and I came to the painful realization that something was not right with my brain and…I needed to talk to a psychiatrist about medication.

There are indeed other treatment options if you are diagnosed with a mental health issue. There is no shame in needing a little…

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