Why I don’t have a niche-based blog? – Blogging Insights #18

Do you have a niche for your blog If so tell us more about it. (ignore the rest of the questions).

I don’t have a niche blog. I started with writing poetry and then experimented wih prose. Then jumped into creating my own prompt challenge and other things.

Have you ever thought of niche-ing down and why?

Nope. I don’t think I would want to do this. My blog’s name says why- Randomness Inked. It’s random stuff that I talk about. Over time, blogging has become an escape for me. If don’t want to bind myself in the chains of niche.

If you chose just one as your niche, how much would you miss writing about the others?

If I do that, that would be for the purpose of turning into a full time blogger to earn money from it. And if that happens, I would probably start a new one-niche-based blog. Wouldn’t want to lose the freedom I enjoy here.

Over the period of last 5 years, I have made a relationship with my readers. And changing my niche out of no where would just require me to build a new readership base. If I have to build a new one, it’s better to build it on a new blog and retain the regular readers on Randomness.

Infact, this blog could be used to get traffic to the niche-based blog.

In response to Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights #18

12 thoughts on “Why I don’t have a niche-based blog? – Blogging Insights #18

  1. I understand why you want to be true to the blog name and keep it random things you want to write about. Niche blogs can be wonderful but they can also be very limiting and if you try to introduce new topics, people get irked. Wish I had gone with a random-ish mental health blog but now I am stuck there.

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  2. Randomnessinked .. is such an apt name for your blog and having a niche for your blog might contradict the name. So, I love the idea of your random thoughts and scribbling the unspoken.

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    1. Thankyou Irut! I like the thought behind your blog’s name too. The name is so intriguing that one must want to know the story behind it 🙂

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  3. I completely understand what you mean when talking about freedom when not having a specific niche. I feel the same and it would tough for me to narrow down the readers just to one group. I appreciate a variety of people I get to know which is a source of wonderful inspiration.


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