When I took a break from life – (Guest Post)

One of the toughest yet most beautiful parts of my life…
A guest post I wrote for Irut Sayed’s blog.


One day, I saw an opening for a content writer volunteer at a non-government organisation (NGO). I applied for it. When I was selected, I was told that my job was not only to write but also to edit and manage a team of writers.

I had met the head of the team, G, about 4 months ago at an event in which the NGO had participated. We just had a short conversation then. And now, he was telling me that he was offering me to head a team.

Same time, another scene:

“Life is a race, if you don’t run fast somebody will trample you and leave you behind,” Virus, the director, told the first-year students in their induction talk. (Movie: 3 Idiots)

A lot of children have grown up getting compared to their friends and cousins. I was one of them. There was an unsaid pressure from the…

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