How do I increase reader engagement on my blog? #Blogging Insights 15 – Traffic and growth

  1. How often, if at all, do you check your blog statistics?
    If I’m blogging regularly, once a day. If I’m not, then maybe in months. I have been posting daily since January, have kept a track of my stats daily for half of it. But then life became a lil busy, so I just forgot to check the stats. I have been more focused on replying to the comments this last week.
  2. What methods do you use to increase reader engagement (provided you care about this)?
    Reader engagement matters to me. I love knowing what readers think about my thoughts. I have recently started ending my posts with questions. It has encouraged readers to share their thoughts with me. But I don’t feel like doing that on my poems. Because poetry is alway open to interpretations. My questions might make the reader align their thoughts with mine. But now while answering this question, I feel that I might just start adding something like “What do you think about this?” or “What did this poem made you feel?”
    I often visit new bloggers that I find here. Read their posts, browse through their blogs and drop comments. When I take out time to drop comments on their blog, they sometimes visit me too. How do I find new blogs? I sometimes find them in the comments section of bloggers I know, sometimes the people who like my posts, sometimes they find me, sometimes other bloggers give them a shout out. I have also used the Reader to find new bloggers.
    Then I have Let it Bleed prompts and Our Garden of Gratitude running weekly on my blog. They have helped me connect with a lot more people.
    I’d like to add here that I recently started a new blog called Blogger Community to engage better with more bloggers. It’s about sharing, discussing, helping, exploring and many more things.
  3. Do you actively promote your blog on social media?
    I have tried to, but it’s a tiresome task. If you need 1 hour to write a post, you need 2 more to promote it on social media. I really can’t take out too much time. I don’t want to start social media promotion only for it to become a burden to me.

In response to Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights #15 Traffic and Growth

13 thoughts on “How do I increase reader engagement on my blog? #Blogging Insights 15 – Traffic and growth

  1. I never purposely look at my blog stats, I don’t want to get caught up on ‘x traffic on that post, must do more like that’, it just feels stifling to focus on popularity points. Writing comes from my heart and chaotic mind, so let the stats reflect the truth.

    I concur with you that since I came out of my socially awkward lurky corner and stopped merely reading but also interacting with the bloggers and their commenters and their blogs…my traffic hasn’t really gone skyhigh but it has encouraged more interaction on my blog in the form of people commenting as opposed to just clicking like.

    So, yea, 100% with you on the interaction angle, it’s important. I’ve tried ending my posts with questions but not had a bit of luck with it so maybe that’s just not my niche, Idk. I definitely think coming out of lurk mode and going for broke by interacting and not making the assumption I will inevitably offend or whatever has been beneficial.

    As for social media…I think everyone’s seen my billboard of negative thoughts on that aspect. I don’t discourage others from using it, but for me, it’s not an option as I am still drawing breath and possess a soul.

    But yeah, interaction through blogging, that would be a big topic for the community tips board. Even I didn’t realize how important it was. I figured since people didn’t reach out, I wasn’t supposed to, either, but it’s a useful, and very healthy, way to share your world and have others share their world with you, too.

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  2. I do the opposite of what you do. I post not very often but check the stats regularly. I like looking at empty things, i guess. In the 12 years of the existence of my blog, last week suddenly wordpress sent a notification saying my blog is getting attention like never before. When i checker it was only 40 views. That’s the level of visibility my blog has. Even WordPress is excited if i get two additional views 😀

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    1. Haha! It’s been more than a year that I got such a notification. But didn’t you feel excited about it?
      Have been getting similar notifs for Community blog, about views, likes, posts, followers.
      You may not be posting regularly, but do you engage with other bloggers regularly?


      1. If read a lot of articles. If I like something, I do to and comment. Otherwise I don’t engage too frequently. Most of the times, I don’t login due to work schedules and when I check, I normally leave a comment or like the post. Otherwise, nothing much.

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      1. I don’t think stats would make us do things differently until unless they show something that’s an eye opener. But with the limited features of stats, that’s also not possible.

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    1. I have read that tip a lot. But trust me, building your social media is another task. I have tried to do it. That would mean having a community on WordPress, with many more communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

      I tried to build up my community on Twitter once. It ended up me getting trapped in the loop of follow for follow. Since I was seeking value in engagement, I decided to stay away from it.

      Have you tried social media?


      1. I have and so far it isn’t working as I would like. Very little click through to my website even with lots of likes.

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      2. I would say that the audience of all social media platforms is very different. Which platform have you been trying?


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