Which book changed your life? Our Garden of Gratitude #11

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our garden of gratitude
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This week’s question is:

World Book Fair 2020, New Delhi
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Which book changed your life?

There was a time when I considered my problems to the biggest in the world. But when I read The Kite Runner, it broke my heart. I know it is fiction, but it seemed so true. There are so many bad things to happening to people. But we never really understand what other people are going through. The book is also gives a lesson about friendship, “For you, a thousand times over.”

Another one is The Color Purple which talks about how a woman who wrote letters to God in hopes that her life would become better some day ends up realising that He was sleeping. During the course of the epistolary novel, she finds her true identity and comes out as a strong woman.

The third one is Gone with the Wind. The war gets over when you done reading 500 pages. What is left now? The reconstruction.

These texts have a lot to talk about. But I have talked about them from one perspective only, i.e., the one that tells how my life was changed.

Have you read nay of these books?

Which book made an impact on your life?

Type one word, one sentence or a paragraph in the comments section or make a post on your blog, it’s all your wish.

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Remember, there is no time limit to answer. The comments section will always be open.

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24 thoughts on “Which book changed your life? Our Garden of Gratitude #11

  1. Not to be cliche but “The Outsiders”. It showed me that even 30 years before I was born, there was a war of classes, there were bullies, there was violence, there was tragedy, and even bad things happened to decent people. It helped me not idealize my own world as I grew up, realizing some things, ugly as they are, simply run in cycles and sadly, teen angst and bullying and tragedy are part of that cycle.
    It also taught me not to judge people based on ‘class’ or how they dressed or who they were friends with. What’s on the outside often has little to do with what is on the inside so this book helped me, at a very early and impressionable age, learn to look beneath the surface of people and not write someone off based on their appearance or worst behaviors or whether did have money or did not.
    It truly was a coming of age book for me, forming my thoughts and character in many ways that remain the same to this day.

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  2. “The Screwtape Letters” by C. S. Lewis was the first book I read that addressed the influence of Satan and his demons on humans. Satan is never mentioned by name, only as “our father below” by Screwtape, the Undersecretary of the Department of Temptation, in letters to his nephew Wormwood, and apprentice tempter.
    Lewis paints such a clever picture of the way people can be manipulated by the forces of evil, it made me aware that certain decisions might not be so much my exercising free will as my falling for the deceptive tricks of the enemy of my soul. It changed my perspective for life. Today, decades later, I am more aware then ever that we are in a spiritual battle every day, and the battlefield is the mind.

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  3. The Bible. I started reading it when I was 7. Not understanding a lot but just kept reading it. After over 60 years of reading it, there is much I still do not understand but its words have challenged me and encouraged me through all these years.

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    1. Amen, Barbara. “The Bible” should have been my answer, too. (Duh.) It didn’t occur to me when I first read the question because it has always been there for me – I don’t remember ever “discovering” it or reading it for the first time. It has changed my life continuously over the past six decades. It’s the Book (actually 66 books 😉) that I’ve based my life on. C. S. Lewis’s books expound on it, and opened my understanding of it during my college years, but the Bible is and always has been THE book.

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