The Bird and the Doll

Holding the finger
Of her lil doll
She taught her to walk

The roles reversed years later
This time, the doll trained her
To spread her wings
To learn to breathe

Each other’s world they were
If one was the moon,
The other was moonlight

To make their lives horrible
The cruel witch came with black magic
In a fit of rage, she told the doll
You aren’t mine anymore

Her words pierced through their hearts
Forcing the doll to fly away
To her dreamland

The doll tried to unhear the words
But they screamed in her ears
There was regret
But it could not undo the hurt

Years passed by…
While they yearned to talk
They ended up avoiding each other

Only chance could have
Brought them together
But destiny conspired
For an accident

Everything freezed
When the doll lost her, she
Who created her

Loss of life for catharsis
Was it justified, dear reader?

In response to Let it Bleed 35

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