Are you facing blog related stress?- Blogging Insights #9

What, in your opinion, is “Blogger burnout”?
Blogger burnout would be when blogging may start to feel like a prison. A time when you posting becomes a “task” that you no more enjoy doing, something that you are forcing on youself. It might happene when you aren’t able to create new content. You may lose inspiration. Personal life problems. Other bloggers posting mutile posts in a day may also cause this.

Have you ever suffered from blog related stress?
I have faced this quite a lot of times. There was a time when it blogging felt like prison to me. It gets difficult to get back to blogging once you experience the burnout. But I am glad that I have been able to make this blog survive. It has been running since 2015. I have not been posting regularly. But I have not given up on this blog as it has given me a lot and I know there’s much more that it has to offer me.

What steps could you suggest to keep blogging from becoming a stressful activity?
I know it is hard but try to stay away from the ambition of seeing your stats increase overnight. It takes time and patience.
Be regular. Once a week or once a day, whatever suits you. You may make a schedule for yourself, it you can stick to it. But if you aren’t able to follow it, stay calm. It’s okay to procrastinate.
Engage with other bloggers. If you face any problems, reach out to them. Bloggosphere is a welcoming place.

Do you feel stressed about posting? Is blogging an escape or a prison for you? How you you cope up with it?

In response to Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights #9 Blog related stress

8 thoughts on “Are you facing blog related stress?- Blogging Insights #9

  1. It’s tricky.
    It all depends on why you write and what you write.
    If you blog about your diet or workouts, you can treat is like a journal, and I think burn out is pretty minimal with that. However, when you write more serious things, it gets harder. Also, it depends if you have a schedule or not. The longer the time between your posts, the easier it is to pull away. My thoughts are fragmented on this topic right now. I’ve been taking January slow (when it comes to blogging) and I’ve noticed that it’s much harder to convince myself to adhere to a schedule. There’s so much I want to do. So little time. Life’s less than ideal, etc. All of this adds up.

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