Photo by Meric Tuna on Unsplash

He thought that I was
Taking things the wrong way
But what he failed to understand
Was the gravity of the situation
He never understood what
That all I wanted was
Him to understand
How the result of his actions
Could escalate into something horrible
And that was exactly what happened
One signal of distrust
And one simple lie
Were all that broke the bond
That no one could ever doubt


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16 thoughts on “Gravity

    1. Yes. It affects both of them when the relationship fails. And it becomes really hard to mend it. You may get on talking terms again but things can never be the same

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      1. Have you been reading my journal? Haha! I’m in this situation right now with one of my friends. We’re in talking terms but it’s not the same as how we used to.

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      2. Haven’t read it yet. Could you share a link from where I can start? I would want to know how you’re dealing with it.

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      3. I wish I could send you a link. I was referring to my literal “journal” where I write my thoughts and reflections. 😊

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