Give yourself some advice… Our Garden of Gratitude #7

Hi again!

Hope you all are feeling happy and enjoying the new year vibes. It’s chilling here in Delhi. Lowest temperature records of last more than 100 years have been broken. So yes, I am getting all the Dilli ki sardi feels since last week.

our garden of gratitude
Photo by Saumya Agrawal

And now, it’s time to celebrate little things in our lives and be grateful to ourselves. This week’s question is:

What advice do you need to give yourself right now?

Here’s my answer:

On an immediate level, I would like to tell myself that I need to stop procrastinating and start studying. Need to submit my assignments in March.

On a larger level, I think I should do some long term planning for myself. Taking one day at a time is a good approach towards life, but I think I need to have some long term goals now.

It’s your turn now. What advice do you need from yourself at this point of life?

Type one word, one sentence or a paragraph in the comments section or make a post on your blog, it’s all your wish.

If you make a separate post, be sure to create a pingback or drop your post link in the comments section.

Remember, there is no time limit to answer. The comments section will always be open.

Check out previous installments of the series here.


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