I want to celebrate life in 2020s

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

I had all sorts of emotions- happy, sad, relief, anxiety and much more- with the thought that the decade is coming to an end. Much of it is visible in the posts I wrote last week. But when I thought about the beginning of a new year and decade, I was blank.

I mean I feel like it happens every year. They come and go. Nothing new. It’s just that now I would have to get into the habit of writing 2020.

In the past decade, I have tried to ensure that I conclude things on a positive note. If there have been thankyous and sorries that were pending for a long time, I made sure I said them before chapters came to a close. This was a lesson that a school friend taught me.

Once during a game of truth and dare, I had told her that she was the one who had hurt me the most. (I was a kid who wanted secretly attention from friends but not everyone). About a year later, on the day of school farewell, she came to me and apologised for the thing she has no idea about till date. She apologised to end our relationship on a good note. (Who knows if you’ll stay in touch? And a promise to meet once every year is a hollow one.) By this time, I had forgotten about it. I didn’t really need an apology from her as things were better between us. Yet her thought to end school life on a good note and without any guilts and regrets stuck with me.

All the years after that day, I expressed my gratitude to people and apologised for things I should before things ended with them to retain only good memories for life. It has felt really good to forgive people, things, situations, places and myself.

But now as I am making myself think about the new year, this is what comes to my mind- if we celebrate a new year every year, why don’t we celebrate a new day every day?

I will celebrate life.

This is definitely not my new year resolution because I know I can never keep up with them. But I’ll try my bit. I know there will be good days and bad days. I’ll try to leave the bad days with the night so that I can celebrate more of my mornings.

How do you feel about the new year? Do you have any plans for today or the year as a whole?

Oh yes, Happy 2020s!


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