A humble gift from secret Santa

I find the idea of organising a secret Santa activity at workplace really absurd. Be a secret Santa for someone you don’t know. What do you gift people?

I am horrible at giving gifts. Day before yesterday, I asked my sister what I can gift her on her birthday because I don’t know what she wants. She loves food. But I don’t really feel like gifting food. We somehow managed to decide a ‘gift’ that I would like to give and she would like to receive.

Coming back to the secret Santa activity, when I reached office yesterday, I found out that my secret Santa had delivered my gift. It was kept under the Christmas tree. Everyone was excited for me to open it, except me. I don’t know why but I don’t really understand the ritual of gifts.

There was a note stuck on it. It read, “Dear Saumya, I was told that you are concerned about social issues and also visit NGOs. With this gift, I hope you can spread some happiness into the lives of some kids. Here’s wishing you and your family Merry Christmas. Secret Santa.”

I was overwhelmed after reading the note. I didn’t know how to react. A colleague asked me to click the picture I’ve shared above.

Sometimes a ‘stranger’ (if my secret Santa is a stranger to me) can be so thoughtful that they can make you believe that there’s good out there in the world.

Festivities are all about spreading a lil joy everywhere. What can be better than bringing smiles on the faces of needy kids?

Thankyou, secret Santa!

Merry Christmas to all! 🎅 🌲🎊

9 thoughts on “A humble gift from secret Santa

  1. I like receiving gifts and I enjoy giving them. However, there are only a couple of people that I know what to get them. The rest is a mystery. It’s rather stressful to try and figure it out. Gifts at work make me uncomfortable, too. I know these people don’t really know me and I don’t know them. Giving gifts is a nice sentiment, but what’s so magical in getting someone something they won’t truly enjoy?

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    1. Oh yes, it’s so damn stressful!
      There’s nothing magical in getting a gift people won’t enjoy.
      Whom do you give gifts too? Just family or friends too?

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  2. I’m glad it worked out. Generosity is so inspiring. I think it truly keeps the world going. It doesn’t have to be money. Just whenever people give a little of themselves to another, it can make lots of great things happen. Great post!

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  3. Perhaps Secret Santa can be fun at work if you know the co-worker. My absolute worst experience was when I found out after giving a lot of candy to a teacher at a school where I worked, that she was diabetic. I didn’t know, but everyone else did! I felt horrible.

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    1. Oh that’s sad! Yeah it would be much more fun if we know the colleague.
      Or maybe offices should ask us to write about ourselves so that our secret Santa gets to know who we are and then get us something. I hope that’s not asking too much 😂

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