Meet my friend, Silence

Photo by Jake Melara on Unsplash

I found my friend in Silence. He speaks to me. I tell my stories, thoughts and feelings to Him.

He listens to me silently, without judging me. He calms me. He gives me the peace I need.

He tells me to pause. He tells me to breathe. He tells me to be carefree.

He encourages me to take the first step. He makes me believe that I can and I should.

Who’s your friend?

18 thoughts on “Meet my friend, Silence

      1. Haha! Yes, I’ve heard dogs are great friends. But I don’t know why I have been scared of them in real life. they look all cool in photos and videos.


      2. Oh yes! I really hate the dogs that are there ag my office campus. When my shift gets over at night, they follow till your vehicle and try to come close even you have nothing in your hands. Earlier I thought it was a chocolate that they smelled.. but no.. they just scare you for no reason!


      3. I call it love. Imagine how you don’t love them but on the other side, they love you so much that they wanna come to you even when you don’t want them to


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