Game of life

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

You are the one
Who stands behind me
To catch me if I fall,
Who stands in front of me
To make sure I’m safe,
Who holds my hand
And stands by my side
To make me believe
That I’m not alone,
That we’ll fight through everything,
That we’ll reach our destinations together.

You are my strength
And my weakness too!
It hurts me
To see you suffering.
I may not completely understand
What you are going through,
But I have faced a similar phase.
I can’t see you there
Where I have been!

“Life is a game,”
You told me yesterday.
“Let’s play it,”
I replied to you today.
I promise you
That we’ll win it.
It may take time,
We’ll fall again and again
But we’ll win
This game of life,
I promise!

In response to Let it Bleed 31

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