Moments #35

This is Shenga
Jenga with groundnuts

Description for visually impaired: Five levels of block game Jenga made with groundnuts, which are also known as Shenga in some parts of India.

8 thoughts on “Moments #35

      1. So, I work as a journalist, but not the typical one. I report the most bizarre, weird and funny stuff that’s happening around in the world. I write real life stories that will melt your heart. I’d my job let’s me spread smiles and positivity all around.

        This shenga jenga was a part of one of the story I worked on. We ended up making our own during a short break.

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      2. A big YES! Initially, I was doubtful yet I decided to give it a try. Now that I’ve been doing it, it has made my life much more happier. 😇

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