Who is she? (III)

Originally posted on Feb 28, 2018

Part I of this poem was written in early 2016. After three months, I found out that the story line could be extended and hence came Part II and III in mid 2016. However, I knew that there was more to it but was unaware of what it was until 2018. While working on a college assignment that gave me the freedom to be creative, I finally found the last and final part of this poem.



You exclaimed as I said that

I was a corpse.

Yes! Yes, I am.

I have told you everything

You can’t deny the truth.

I’m lost. Lost forever.

I’m not the same anymore.

“You got lost.”

Yes, somewhere deep.

“Yet you are struggling.”

Yes, struggling

To make my plant beautiful again

But in vain. I can’t bloom

As it’s dark


“Oh dear,

You never understood

Your true self.

Hear, what I say-

You were not a flower,

You are not a dead body.

You are the plant.

That dead flower is not you,

It’s a part of you.

You will bloom again.

All we need to do is

To deadhead you.

I promise,

You’ll bloom again.

I promise.”

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