[Reblog] Words Don’t Flow Anymore

The Jotting Pen

By Shayaan Khusro

At the tip of the tongue

Like my own name

But now I can’t

Recall the words anymore.

Once clearer than crystals

Like the truth itself,

But now the verses,

Don’t make sense anymore.

Ink once flowed on paper

Like a river through the plains,

But now my thoughts

Don’t flow anymore.

They used to hide

Like a treasure

But now meanings don’t lie

Between lines anymore.

Once sought after

Like an antique

But now my books

Don’t sell anymore.

Once refreshing

Like the morning tea

But now my sonnets

Don’t please anymore.

Once hummed

Like a song

But now my lines

Don’t rhyme anymore.

They once adorned my poems

Like paintings on a wall,

But now no metaphors

Come to mind anymore.

Were once played

Like a piano

But now the syllables

Don’t have rhythm anymore.

They once spread

Faster than rumours

But now people don’t

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