Venting out is liberating… A to Z challenge 2019

V for venting

Photo by Bob Ricca on Unsplash

Who would have that much of time?

Who would believe me?

Who would understand me?

Who wouldn’t judge me?

Who would listen to me?

I thought hiding thoughts, ignoring feelings would kill them. Letting them out never seemed to be an option.

However, piling it all up inside never helped it. It affected me psychologically as well as physically.

Getting it out, all of it, became necessary.  But how? A chance encounter with words helped me get it out of my system. My pen shed tears and it even bled.

Venting it out did make me vulnerable, people did judge me, some didn’t have time, others didn’t believe me but that feeling of liberation is blissful.

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For Let it Bleed 27

7 thoughts on “Venting out is liberating… A to Z challenge 2019

    1. I have been going on an off since early 2017, though I started this blog back in September 2014. How about you?


  1. Alrighty then! If your [ if not you, then whose ever] venting was purposeful, or is so in the future, then this is all that really matters. You accomplished something, and it liberated you. Now you have space for something even higher and better. Good on you! 🙂

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