I understand myself better now… A to Z challenge 2019

U for understand

Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash

Things have changed quite a lot in my life in the last 15 days. Life has become so much more hectic. I am surprised that I have been writing everyday since the past 15 days because I had no pre-written posts for this challenge after a week.

It has been an overwhelming month for me. I didn’t get time to breathe. I have been trying to just work things out. And that’s why the irregular and delayed timing of sharing the posts.

Someone came to me today and asked me how I am doing. I replied with a ‘doing-good’ look. Earlier I used to fake this doing-good look. But over the past few 15 days, this question has actually made me feel good.

I may have been having a stressful day, but when someone asks me how I am, my mind decides to go on a break from everything and take a deep breath to live in that one second and forget everything.

I think this is what I’ve needed for a long time- a moment to breathe out all my worries. Somewhere deep inside, I know that this moment gives me a change to understand myself better.

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