Letting go… A to Z challenge 2019

L for let

Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash

I have held on to people who left and things that couldn’t be changed for years. I have cried for them. I have wanted them back. I couldn’t let them go. It’s difficult to let it all go so easily.

The memories that I stored dearly in my heart made me hollow inside. I didn’t know that there was a void inside me until some time back.

When a dear person left, I tried to hold on to our friendship. But he had a clear mind- he had to go, come what may. I realised that I had to set him free. It did take some time. And naturally, it hurt me initially. But I came to make peace with the fact that our friendship was meant to be short-lived, no matter how much meaningful it was.

After letting him go, my retrospective thoughts made me aware of the void that had been there for years. By holding on to people and things, I was losing a part of myself. Letting them go made me embrace myself.

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