I choose happiness… A to Z challenge 2019

H for happiness

My happiness matters.

There was a time when I’d see something negative in everything happening around me. I don’t know when and how I functioned my mind to work this way.

Once someone told me that my problems were not that big. There were people out there who faced a lot more than me. I argued that my problems were big for me, others problems were big for them. We all were living different lives and thus, he couldn’t compare. He agreed with me and pointed out that my problems were big for me because I made them big.

With time, I realised that life wasn’t that bad after all and changed my approach of looking at things. I decided to look at things from various perspectives. I tried to step into the shoes of the other person to see things from their eyes. I gained a lot of insight and made things sorted and simpler.

Today, if I am in a situation that I don’t like and I know that I can’t escape it, I try to look for that one thing which is good. That one thing keeps me moving forward. There is always something  that I gain even from my bad experiences. It is my choice whether I look at the bad experience or the gain. I have finally been able to choose my happiness by looking at the positives over anything else.

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6 thoughts on “I choose happiness… A to Z challenge 2019

  1. I think seeing the positive is good. I do that, and I encourage others to do so, as well. Especially when they make their tiny problems seem like the end of the world. But I am still realistic. Still know what could happen.

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