Dared to dream again… A to Z challenge 2019

D for dare, dream

Dare to dream

My instagram handle is dreamersaumya.

Let me tell you a fact behind this name.

The time when I made this handle was the time when I was wounded by a broken dream.

As far as I remember, at that time I couldn’t have imagined to dream. I really wonder what made me use the word dreamer in my handle.

From that time until last year, I told myself a hundred times that I won’t have a new dream. Why? Because dreams are meant to be broken.

There was this guy who used to address me dreamersaumya. It really hurt me each time he called me that. He once even asked what my dream was. I silently cried inside and told him I wanted to be happy with a gentle curve pasted on my face.

Fast forward to 2018. I met another person whose confidence in me dared me dream again. Yes, being happy was my dream. I’m achieving it every day. But now I have dared to dream of a new dream. I don’t know if I’d be able to achieve it or not. But I am strong enough to give myself another chance to dream.

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6 thoughts on “Dared to dream again… A to Z challenge 2019

  1. Dreams are such personal things.
    When people ask what my dreams are, I feel somehow weird not having one. Having no regrets and being happy. What kind of dream is that? I dream that one day people will wake up better humans. Is that realistic? Probably not.
    Do I want some things? Yea. Would I like to live off my writing? Sure. But what are dreams? Is it something we are working for, or something we just wish to happen?

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    1. I’d say that something that we work for is a goal. Something that we wish for is a dream. There are very few who work for what they wish for.

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