I cry… A to Z challenge 2019

C for cry

Photo by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash

I cry, I cry a lot. I don’t know how do the tears roll down my eyes so easily. I don’t want them to. It is awkward. It is stupid. It is annoying. It is kiddish. And what not?

But I feel light after crying. Somewhere deep inside, a part of me feels at peace. I have been becoming more accepting towards myself. My tears make me a bit stronger every time.

Crying is the sign of the weak. That’s what we hear people say.

NO! It is not.

Crying liberates me

Of the things I consider as burden.

Of the things I can’t let go easily.

Of the things that make me sad.

Of the things I worry about.

Of the things that I can’t change in life.

Yes, crying my heart out makes me feel at peace with myself.

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5 thoughts on “I cry… A to Z challenge 2019

  1. A release of emotions is cathartic. And crying is one way of doing exactly that. It’s like there is a river flowing, filling your banks, and then suddenly it hits a dam and it cannot go any further. It creates a lot of energy and it explodes. (Maybe a geyser metaphor would work better here…)

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