How many faces do you have?

Somewhere I had read that people have three faces- one they show to the world, second to the family and friends and the last, which is the truest reflection, they show to no one.

Photo by Mark Daynes on Unsplash

I’d rather say that I have got n number of faces. I am a different person with everyone. I connect with different people on different levels. I’m an introvert for many. For some, I’m an extrovert. While one friend finds me a serious person, another keeps on reminding me how humourous I am.

How many faces do you have?

14 thoughts on “How many faces do you have?

  1. I have an extroverted face when I’m working as a noisey market trader, I have my ex professional musician egotistic face, I have my loving face when I’m with my girl, I have a different face when I met someone for the 1st time, possibly shy, sometimes confident sometimes bored, when I go out with a group for meal out I have my out of order face on, when I’m with the in laws I have my keep quiet face, when I’m at the dentist, doctors, church it’s my respect face, football matches is the winning or losing, happy or sad face, I could go on all night but I reckon most people have over a 100 faces depending on their lifestyles, interesting stuff.


  2. Unfortunately, I am not able to just be “me” all the time. It’s not really viable. Although, I try.
    I have one for work (clients/ co-workers, etc.). Each person I interact with gets a similar mask, but there are different shades of the same one.
    Then there is one for extended family and closer family.
    Then one for acquaintances of any sorts.
    The one that is closest to the real me is only seen by a couple of people.
    In reality, I am composed of all the above.

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  3. i think this is down to interpretation isn’t it – some class it as how many faces you have whilst another way of viewing it is how many masks do you wear?

    I was a mask wearer for many years, prior to my diagnosis of Asperger’s – l wore masks for everything and had way more than a mere three. I stopped wearing masks when l turned 50, nearly six years ago now and more importantly when l got tohether with my partner Suze. We agreed and vowed to each other that we would no longer wear any masks and we don’t – the end result is that we are more honest with each other and this is not saying we were dishonest, but when you stop wearing masks or start to display your one face – people then have to accept that you are no longer applying lip service to them.

    Nice post Saumya a, real thought provoker 🙂

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  4. In a sense, I would agree to this synopsis of having three faces. I definitely show one face to my family whenever I encounter them, (Mother not included… She always gets the true face) Friends usually get half my real self and meh face. Because I’m an introvert, I’m at my most natural and can simply just be me. That’s the one who shows up to blog. Sort of like the “Powerful OZ” hidden behind the curtain. I’m the real me behind the laptop. LOL!

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