Choices and Definitions

Someone asked me why are you always in a hurry to return home after classes get over. You do nothing at home.

Yes, I do nothing out of the world at home. But home is my place, a relaxing place. I may study, read a book, blog, roam around in the house, open all the cupboards (most of the times in vain) looking for “something good” to eat or just lie in bed and do nothing. That’s my kind of enjoyment.

You may have a big circle of friends with whom you hang out regularly. I have a handful of friends whom I meet in months. And yes, instead of partying with them, I’d prefer having deep conversations with them about anything and everything. That’s my choice.

Why should my definitions of home, of relaxation, of enjoyment, of partying, of friends align with your definitions?

In response to Word of the Day- Enjoyment

11 thoughts on “Choices and Definitions

  1. Too true…I just wrote a post about how in the personality color tests, I am a “brown”…I relate to your definition of relaxation and free time very much!


  2. Well, it sounds like you may be an introvert, who recharges during time alone. I can relate, because that is what is relaxing for me too. Thank goodness everyone isn’t exactly the same, that makes the world more interesting. I’m glad you do what works for you.

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    1. Yes, I am more of an introvert who does love talking but only with a handful of people.
      I took a lot of time to understand that I am not like everyone else and it’s okay for me to dislike things that most of the people love.

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