Blogging- an escape or a prison?


I made this blog back in 2014 just to give blogging a try. Back then, I used to make accounts on every new thing that I became aware of just to know what the thing was about. Curious me! I do a lot of that today also but after getting a basic knowledge of things (to avoid the spams in my mailbox :P)
Coming back to blogging, I shared a few of my poetry in 2015. But never really cared to share it with my family, friends or acquaintances. I didn’t have the confidence. I didn’t fear criticism on my writing. I was just shy to let people know what “I feel”. I did blog anonymously then.

I don’t really remember but I guess back in August or September of 2017, after I started the Mulakaatein series, I had this urge to let people (family and friends) know what I was writing. And that was when I decided to make my identity known. Before that, I was somewhat interacting with people who followed or liked my blog and posts. I wasn’t aware of the Community Pool (CP). It was luck by chance that I found CP. It introduced me to a new world. I discovered bloggers and they discovered me.

The little community that I created here on WP became an escape for me at the starting of this year. I was reading blogs all day long. I’d read in the morning, in between my classes, during breaks from studying and before sleep. Why? Because I made a community that was positive and gave me the freedom to express my thoughts without being judged. I did share my posts on social media sometimes, thinking that I might get a reader or two. Because I know no one I know in real life is really interested in reading or knowing what I have to say. Many know that I blog. Some promise me time and again that they’ll surely read all my blogs one day when they have time. I really don’t expect them to read.

If you’ve been following me for quite some time, you must be knowing that I usually write poetry. Poetry has given me a chance to express my true thoughts implicitly. Once an acquaintance read a poem and asked me if there were any autobiographical references, I didn’t want to make my real thoughts naked and simply said a No. No idea is a new idea. Whatever I write has come from my experiences, my observations- from something I read, heard or saw. (Like this post is inspired by Goldie’s #TuesdayThoughts.)

By June, blogging had started to become a prison for me. I felt like posting regularly was becoming a task. I did not post anything in July. I was missing everything here. I feared if I would ever come back here and feel free. I don’t think I’m in a prison right now, but I do fear sometimes when I think about me blogging in the coming months. And that’s when I shut down my thoughts and decide to focus on me blogging right now.

When did you start blogging? How has your journey been?

53 thoughts on “Blogging- an escape or a prison?

  1. My first blog entry was in March of 1999 and that blog kept up for about ten years though it faded out for many of the reasons you talk about. It began to feel like more of a chore than a passion and a joy. I’m also sad to admit that I lost a lot of inspiration because of social media. Putting my thoughts out 140 characters at a time, or in frequent Facebook posts felt good at the time but when it came time to write, I felt I had nothing more to say before I even wrote a word.

    I started a new one just over a year ago around the time I gave up Facebook and have been enjoying it. I do try to post regularly but not as a chore – I allow myself to take whatever time I want to away from it. At this point, a year and a bit in, I’m really enjoying sharing my stories.

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    1. Back in 1999. Wow! I was not even four then 😛
      Social media has become more of a hype these days. I’m also giving up FB, Twitter and Instagram slowly and steadily. Glad that you are enjoying your time here 🙂

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      1. Instagram is the holdout for me. I like the idea of sharing moments like that. It’s good for those things I want to share because they’re somewhat interesting but not really worth writing a whole post here about. I also find it really inspiring for food and cooking which are two of my passions so it’s great to see what someone else is making or eating and to try to do the same at home.

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      2. Yeah! Instagram is meant for photographs only and not sharing the stories behind them. Sometimes I even find it hard to write one line captions for them. 😛


  2. I can definitely relate with blogging feeling like a prison. I started in April 2018. Many of my friends know about my blog and read it, so it’s not very anonymous. At first I would post whenever I wanted, but by mid July I started to feel like I “had” to post, a sentiment that was reflected in my writing quality. Now, I’m trying to stay true to myself, but do find myself occasionally writing a post just for the sake of posting it.

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  3. I started blogging several months ago. I never try to write when my mind is blank. No staring at a blank screen for me. Whenever a thought pops up in my head, usually something from my life, that’s when I write and it flows. I usually post everyday. Not because I think I should, but because I have something to share. I think writing about one’s life is easier than trying to come up with ideas for a topic.

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    1. Writing about one’s life is easier than trying to come up with ideas for a topic”- I find it so true for myself. Glad that do don’t post everyday just for the sake of posting. 🙂

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  4. I started blogging in April 2018 as an alternative to my podcast-one week a podcast another week a blog post. However, I begin to enjoy writing blogs that I picked up the momentum a little. Well it became a little overwhelming with a baby and full time job so I kind of slowed down. Now I’m just posting at least twice a month and finding ways to engage my audience through social media. Maybe as life continues to shift, I’ll get back in a steady groove.

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  5. these thoughts are definately relatable. I agree with every word of your. you have been here longer then me, so i can just share what I think, expecting someone to read understand and not be judge would be fanatsy. I write when I want to and abput what I want towrite about, appreciate good thopughts and learn from the criticsim without giving away the peace of my mind.. 🙂 that’s the way to survive i think.

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    1. Trust me, my experience on WordPress has been really great. My fantasy f not being judged by people did come true here. I’m sure you’ll have a good time here ❤

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      1. Oh yes! He was right. I’ve been reading your poems. Your words speak a lot to me. I can connect with them really well. Keep on writing and sharing ❤

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  6. I’m glad this can be your escape at times. As you know, I recently started blogging. I am still not so much aware of how it works and how do you find people but more than anything, right now i’m just happy that I can post my thoughts somewhere so for now, it’s neither an escape nor a prison rather a place where I can jot my thoughts freely. I hope it attains a much more special place in my heart. ♥️

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    1. I understand what you mean. This was exactly my early phase of blogging too. WordPress had Community Pool where bloggers shared their new posts every Monday and get to know other bloggers. They shut it down a few months back. But yeah, if you get some time time, just go over to my comments section and explore other bloggers’ blogs. Engaging with them via likes and comments will help you build your own community. Some bloggers host daily and weekly prompt challenges (like I host Let it Bleed). Participate in them and I’m sure you’ll get a hangover of the world of the blogging ❤

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  7. It was cool to read the story of your blogging. I still blog anonymously, but I wonder sometimes, if those around me me knew, if they would read. I think they might pop in once and that’d be it. But then again, I wouldn’t like discussing my writing with them at a family dinner, etc. Just as you said “no” when your friend asked you if the poem was personal, I choose not to tell/ show them.

    I’ve been blogging for a bit over a year now, and it’s been a roller coaster. Mostly good though. After you took a break, were you worried that once you come back, no one would be waiting here for you? When I was travelling and away from my computer in March, that was what I felt. But I came back, and felt as if I was right where I left things off, so that was pretty cool.

    Try not to treat this as a chore. It takes a lot of fun out of this, and it shouldn’t The thing though, is that, sometimes I don’t feel like writing, but I make myself do it anyway, because the longer break I take, the harder it is to come back.

    Thanks for the shoutout. Glad I could be your inspiration.

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    1. I get you not telling people around you. But I wonder why do you (and others too) maintain the anonymity.
      When I came back, I did think once about people waiting for me but wasn’t worried. And I realised that many people I knew were also on breaks, others were here. And I definitely found new people. It’s been good. In fact, I did wait for March to end for your return 😀
      Yes, I am not taking it as a chore. When it felt like, I took a pause. Yes, you are right in saying that it’s harder to come back when the break is longer. I think when a thing like that happens, we should read others if we aren’t able to write.

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      1. Anonymity… besides the fact that I’m not too comfortable with anyone (family, friends, employer, etc) googling me and finding my blog, I’m also a privacy freak in general. Sure, if someone wants to do something bad, they will find a way, but why make it easier for them? It might be some paranoia on my part.

        That’s a great idea. I shall remember this. At least read, when you don’t write.

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      2. You talk like my father. He says that I’ll lock each and every door with good locks when leaving the house empty. If the thief comes, he should prove that he was ‘capable; to steal 😀 😛

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  8. Two things: When you’re a blogger, you have to decide what kind you want to be, what is your why, and do you want/need it to make money. Some people blog for fun or a hobby, others to help people solve a problem, still others manage to do both. If blogging is a job, it might feel like a chore. If you love it because it serves a purpose, then it won’t seem like hard work.
    Secondly, Instagram isn’t just for photos, it’s a great marketing tool also. I just don’t have the hang of it yet, plus I’m too cheap to pay to promote my posts on social media. 😊

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  9. It’s good to know about your series! Tell me more about it please! It’s a quite long journey btw. It’s good to know that you’re sincere enough to take blogging as your part of your daily life! That’s really nice!!
    Keep blogging ❤️

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  10. I started blogging early this year and it’s really been good to me. There are times I’ll be writing essays at times, but it feels fun and I actually want to get it done. For me it’s defo an escape and it’s kind of therapeutic for me


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