Thoughtful Thursday #6

Whatever is coming is better than what is gone. ~Unknown

Do you agree with this? I really don’t know.

I find that we regret not appreciating things that we have until the are gone. Can’t really say about what is coming. What do you think about what is gone, what is there and what is coming?

14 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday #6

    1. Oh yeah, you’ve raised a good point. I find that many of us tend to compare our lives with others. How much better it would have been had we competed ourselves and not others.

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  1. I look at it from the perspective of what I do going forward I always want to strive to make each day ahead better. If I look at my future as bright, exciting, etc. it is definitely better than some days in my past, which were the opposite. I don’t think it saying to not appreciate today but that your tomorrow can be better than your yesterday. It’s all about perspective 🙂

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    1. Yes, it’s about the perspective. I do believe that if we have a positive outlook towards things, they’ll surely turn out to be good 🙂


  2. I think it depends. There are a lot of people for whom this is not true or will not be. Heck, many will not even live to see tomorrow. But for many of us the truth is that we get to choose how to feel about tomorrow. And even then we don’t know what it means. The best things in my life right now are all traceable to one or two things: being unable to finish university after two years and being let go from a job in 1994. My marriage and son came from the first and my career path came from the second. And those together led to many other things including becoming Canadian citizens.

    When it comes to the future, though, the reality is that it hasn’t yet happened. Whatever we think will happen is imaginary. And so, my philosophy is to not worry and expect the best. After all, if it is imaginary, why would I imagine something terrible? (Which doesn’t stop one from making proper plans). I say this is my philosophy but of course like almost everyone I still worry now and again but this is what I try to remind myself.

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    1. You somewhat spoke my mind. People do imagine terrible things even for the future because it’s human nature. But as you said, we should expect the best from the future. 🙂

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